How To Recondition a Car Battery in Some Easy Steps

how to recondition a car batteryUsing a car has become a necessity for some. When it breaks down they may face great difficulties. There may be many reasons for its break down. One of the common reasons is the battery going dead.

Expensive to replace battery 

Now you are left with no option than to replace the battery. This is a very important component of your car. Without it, you cannot start your car. Now replacing may be easy but it costs a lot.

Every time it goes dead you may not be able to afford a new one. Is there no other solution to this issue? Yes, there is. You can get your battery reconditioned. This can be done at a far less cost than buying a new one.

The alternate of recondition a car battery solution 

There are people who can help you do the reconditioning. That also comes at a price and what you pay as service charges may be too high too. After reconditioning the battery does get a new life and is as good as new. But not completely 100% but just about 60-70% of the original charge may be regained by this reconditioning.

So when you get it reconditioned and pay a price for it the total cost may come out to be the same or a little less than the new battery. The whole point of getting reconditioned may not be served.

Learn to recondition a car battery 

On the other hand, if you learn how to recondition a car battery it may turn out to be a cheaper affair. This can be done in some simple steps. For this purpose, you may need a few things like a voltmeter, distilled water, syringe and a battery charger. These may be available at any shop or it is sold as a battery reconditioned kit too.

The battery that has gone dead should be removed from the car. The battery has a few caps covered with rubber. You need to remove the rubber and all the caps. Then fill the battery with the distilled water that you have bought. It is important to use water that is in the purest form. Tap water contains many impurities and it is not advisable to use this water to fill the battery.

Then recharge this battery using the charger without placing the caps. You should charge it at least for one hour. At the end of this, you should see if there are any bubbles on the holes.

If you do not see any bubbles you should reverse the positive and the negative wires. Wait for some time and you can see the formation of bubbles. Now again reverse the wires and place them in the correct position. Then again start recharging the battery for some more time probably for some 30 or 40 minutes.

The acid inside the battery can also be replaced with a new acid. If you wish you can add new acid in it and you can mix it with distilled water and add it. After doing this you need to recharge the battery for a few hours more.

Now fit the battery with the caps and the rubber and replace it in the car. It will work as good as a new one albeit its power may be a little less but it will perform like a new one.

After a few days again when the battery has drained or gone dead you can recondition it in the same way and make it work as a new one.

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